People Are Willing to Talk

Wherever you go, people like to tell their story. The atmosphere at a business conference is typically congenial and trusting. Ask someone a non-threatening question about their business and you start an instant conversation. People like to talk sincerely about what is important to them. Honestly asking for opinions, preferences and reasons for making critical decisions, such as selection of alarm management software, will almost always produce a positive reaction, because the other person knows that you value what they have to say. Who doesn’t want to be valued by another person? People link value with success.

Earlier this year, before the virus pandemic hit, I attended a trade conference. I had an opportunity to ask people, who did not know me, about their choice of alarm business software. As usual, I was not surprised by the responses, because competent business people look for opportunities to learn from others in a non-threatening environment. Asking a sincere question is not enough. The person, who is asking the question must indicates they are willing to openly share in return. Then conversation is only limited by the time available, because people like to talk about topics of value.

In my next blog entry, I will share with you some very interesting things that I learned from others about their use of and reasons for selecting alarm installation and service software. I will not mention names or identify companies, because these were private conversations. Most importantly, the information gathered is like a multi-faceted mirror. In some manner, we will see ourselves in others. We know that others have similar, yet different views of managing a security alarm business. We learn from each other, because success comes in different forms. Each of us finds success in our own way, usually with help from others.


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