Alarm Management Software Services

Our experienced team of alarm business professionals will help you in all facets of the program.

AMS Pro is designed by a security integrator specifically for the needs of security industry.

Technical Support

Alarm Management Software (AMS) provides technical support for AMS Pro and related software products.

We are available during normal business hours between 8:00am and 5:00pm Central Time.

(636) 349-7544

Continuous Enhancement

We offer Continuous Enhancement and Support (CES), our reasonably priced maintenance and support plan.

CES provides on-going software updates for maintenance, enhancements and support during normal business hours.  In addition, customers subscribing to CES have complete access to our Customer Center.


Depending on your specific needs, training may involve four stages.

1) Visits to your offices during the implementation process, will include focused one-on-one training for key personnel.

2) Users are provided a schedule to view online tutorials.

3) Formal internet-based training classes are provided before the software is implemented.

4) Immediately following implementation, Internet-based training and assistance is available as necessary.

We provide on-going training classes via the Internet for a reasonable charge. Tutorials are available free of charge.

Consulting and Customization

Alarm Management Software (AMS) is dedicated to providing feature-rich business management software solutions to our customers, while recognizing that each customer may have unique requirements. We provide consulting and software customization services to help fulfill those requirements.

As a successful security alarm dealer, we have many years of hands-on, practical experience in the industry.  In addition to software solutions, we assist and consult in matters involving accounting, business processes and general management. With respect to software customization, we have expertise in defining requirements, designing solutions, and programming.  All calls are strictly confidential.

OUR MISSION is to help you grow and prosper your security business.

OUR COMMITMENT is to be your trusted partner in delivering peace of mind to all of your customers.