Your customers save time and postage.  Payments are easy with auto pay by ACH or credit card.
Upload transactions to your bank or credit card processor.  Post approved payments quickly without error.


  • ACH information is encrypted in the customer file for security.
  • NACHA compliant batch format tailored to your bank’s requirements.
  • PCI compliance exposure to your operation is minimized.
  • Credit card information maintained and secured by your processor.
  • Pass a token ID to your processor to match the payment to the credit card.
  • Open invoices to be paid are read directly from accounts receivable.
  • Full control to select any invoices not to pay.
  • Batch totals provide assurance that all payments are recorded accurately.
  • Balance rejected or declined payments with ease to notify customers.
  • Post all successful payments directly to customer accounts with a single action.
  • Windows 10 compatible interface.


Click here to access the PCI Quick Guide