AMS Pro Reports provide essential information for managers in every department.  They may be sorted in many ways to increase usability.  A partial list is provided for example.

  • Commissions by salesperson, payable or not yet eligible
  • New bookings or cancellations by salesperson or by subdivision
  • Leased equipment active locations and costs
  • Inventory value detail by standard, average and last cost.
  • Inventory value detail by warehouse or category
  • Work in Process
  • Hours and points by technician
  • Completed jobs not fully closed
  • RMR activations, price changes and attrition


AMS Pro was developed by a successful security systems integrator.
If you need a report, we very likely already have it on the menu.

Our robust system also provides for ad hoc reporting when you need information now.  Built into every module at no additional cost is the capability to create and download filtered reports into Excel or though user friendly interactive views.  Queries and views that you create can be saved for future use.  No programmer is required.