What’s Your Pain?

When professionals in the alarm industry get together at large conferences or during an informal chat, the conversation typically turns to shared problems in running a company or managing jobs.  Everyone has points of pain.  Everyone is looking for solutions that have worked for others.

Some issues common to all of us are collections, changing site conditions, service after the sale and cash flow.  Responding to customer needs, getting paid for finished work, avoiding return trips to compete jobs, and simply paying the bills are a few examples of daily concerns of every alarm dealer.  Avoiding painful experiences requires one thing across the board, INFORMATION.

When your customer calls asking for phone-based assistance, it is critical to know what kind of system they have, devices and service history. A successful integrator cannot rely on memory or make the customer wait while digging through paper files.   Not having that information quickly at your fingertips is less than acceptable for your busy customers.  That is costly time wasted, reducing your ability to help others or to perform other necessary tasks.  Your customer in frustration may decide to find another dealer.  Worse yet, you may be spending time helping a customer who is seriously past due.   Control Center by AMS may help.

Consider a customer who is blaming you for their alarm not working properly.  Images taken at the job site before and after last service was performed, may be archived digitally with organized, searchable service records for that site.  Detailed service records supported by pictures may be your best defense and get you paid.  A job management system with real time field and office functions may help.

Making a service call is more efficient when you confidently know the history of the site, what parts may be required, and even the temperament of the customer.  The last thing you need is the surprise of a critical part not available on your shelf or in your van.  Telling the customer that you have to order a part that may take three days to arrive is not good news for someone, who is planning to go out of town for the weekend.  A seamless job management, purchasing and inventory system with a min-max capability can avoid most stocking problems.

Have you noticed an increase in duplicate shipments from certain vendors?  Even more troubling, have you noticed some vendors can’t supply essential materials on a timely basis?  Failure to accurately track what devices have been ordered and how much has been received, can negatively affect your cash flow.  Vendors will send invoices and demand payment for duplicate shipments unless they are timely returned through an RMA.  Then how do you track receipt of the vendor credit for the returned goods? Consider a seamless information system that unifies your jobs, inventory and purchasing.  Easy to run reports can be sent to your vendor as follow up.  Organized, competent information gets vendor attention for your concerns.

These are just some examples of pain commonly experienced by security system integrators.  We are professional integrators that share the pain with you, and have created solutions for making life in the fast lane of alarm dealership a lot easier.  Without obligation and free of charge, we would like to confidentially consult with you to discuss your points of pain.  Solutions don’t always require a software solution and may cost you nothing to implement.  Feel free to send an email and we will be pleased to respond.  Our goal is to create relationships.


We look forward to being of service and a valued resource to you.



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